We cater for a vast range of lanyards in different materials and sizes, ranging from a tubular 10mm to a flat 25mm lanyard. All of which can be printed to your specifications or in plain stock.

Stress Relievers

Don't get stressed about finding a stress reliever. We can supply in low and high quantities. We keep a minimum stock of 10 different varieties which are available for express service and with your logo printed.

Thunder Sticks

Thunder sticks are inflated by straw and provide a lively atmosphere at events. Eye catching, cost effective for promotions at sporting events, parades, political rallies, sales meetings and other special events.


We can supply a variety of bags which can be printed and made to your specific needs. Cotton shoppers, long & short handle, nylon drawstring, non woven PP and Jute bags are just to name a few.


Our badges can be produced using various manufacturing techniques to meet a wide range of budgeting needs. Each badge can be finished using a huge range of plating options. The ideal bespoke gift.


All our woven ties are individually hand finished and can be produced in reppe, satin, twill or herringbone weave. If you already have a design you would like to use, why not ask us for a quote.


Bespoke promotional keyrings to suit any specification. Available in a multitude of different materials which include : Soft PVC, Hard Enamel, Soft Enamel, Leather, Neoprene, Plastic, Printed Metal and many more...

Plastic Cards

Plastic cards for a variety of applications: promotional and recreational. Basic variable data is also available if desired. Hardwearing, tear proof and able to be written on. Advertise and recruit!

Soft PVC

Want to create your own PVC design? We can produce a number of products from Soft PVC. Fridge magnets, coasters, keyrings (including 3D), USB flash drives, badges and pencil toppers.

Trolley Coins

A perfect re-useable promotional item for constant customer contact. Simply attach to a set of keys and never again will you have to worry about taking a pound to the supermarket.

About Pro-notions

Who are we?

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our site is intended to give you an overview of our product range and services that we offer.

Pro-notions bring a fresh approach to sourcing from around the globe, and distributing throughout Europe. Our supply chain consists of direct sourcing from our factories in the Far East, giving us reliability and control over both delivery and production scales. Then through a network of distributors we are able to supply businesses from multi-national companies, to the sole trader.

Our product range is designed to meet the needs of all of your clients, and our ability to consolidate large orders with the small means that we are able to offer low minimum order quantities at great value for money.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further information regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality Service

Our customers come first

We believe that our service is unparalleled in the industry. We know all our clients stake their professional reputation on us and as such we reward them with exceptional service. Whether it is a promised delivery schedule, artwork, or a relevant product sample, we will not let you down.

We have a great passion for what we do and it gives us immense pleasure to see the products we produce make their way successfully to your clients. We go the extra mile to ensure that our products are the best they can possibly be.

It's this type of enthusiasm for our work that, we believe, gives us the edge over our competitors and makes our products stand out from the rest.

We are looking at new markets and products everyday to make sure we are ready to provide our customers with the next ‘big thing.’ It is our goal to ensure that our clients are able to stay ahead of the game, and make sure that they can offer their customers the current ‘it’ product at the best price.

All your promotional needs

What do we offer?

Throughout this website you will see our core products that are designed to offer highly effective, low-budget, business solutions. This website catalogues a brief overview of each product, and gives an insight to why we believe they are so successful as marketing tools.

Through our sourcing team we have provided customers with orders from wellington boots to solid gold badges. If there is a specific product that you are looking for please contact our sourcing team at

Some of our best selling products include: